How did you come to be a Health and Wellbeing Coach & Therapist?

I grew up surrounded by family who worked in various Psychological and care roles and always had a fascination for people and their behaviour.  I originally studied Counselling and Psychotherapy and gained a BSc(Hons).  I worked as a Therapist in the fields of Mental Health and Addiction but due to personal ill health, I decided to take a break.  In that time, I tried to pursue different careers including a passion of mine – Performing Arts; however, my ill health continued to be a deterrent.

After some time, I listened to a good friend’s advice and went to see a practitioner who specialised in Chronic Ill Health.  Incredibly, I had my life back after just 3 days of intense work. I felt a complete new lease of life and was excited to get back out into the world.

I went on to study Life Coaching, Youth Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) to a Master Practitioner Level, Hypnotherapy and the Neuroscience of Brain Health.  I knew I wanted to help people overcome similar issues to me and I set up my Coaching practice.  Now I get to do what I absolutely love to do and follow my passion of helping others get their life back too.


Who are your clients exactly?

I work with women who struggle with chronic health conditions, fatigue and pain and who would like to increase energy, feel like they are in control again and get their life back.  I offer a unique insight as not only did I battle myself with chronic ill health for 12 years, I provide a specialised programme tailored to each individual using a variety of methodologies including Coaching, NLP and Neuroscience.  Because of this, my clients receive ‘all in’ support and guidance, information, intervention and techniques to utilise themselves to continue living a healthy and happy life.


What separates you from the average?

My own story and experience, my unique understanding and empathy for the client’s situation.  I specialise in Chronic Health conditions and bring a unique skill set to my client work combining Psychotherapy, Coaching, NLP and fundamentals of Neuroscience and brain health.  I teach, coach and provide therapeutic settings meaning I inform, inspire and intervene.  I offer ‘all in’ support and guidance. I go on the journey with my client as their biggest cheerleader and supporting them every step of the way so they leave with more energy, overcoming health issues, positive daily tools and skills to continue improving every aspect of their lives.


What type of person do you work best with and what can be expected from me?

I work best with people who really want to change their behaviours and lives for the better.  I have created a programme that I know delivers incredible results and whilst I will be your biggest supporter and be by your side on the journey, I cannot do the work for you. Ultimately we get out what we put in so if you want to change your life and are willing, you can. I feel passionate about working with those people who feel they are ‘stuck’ and want support to get them to where they want to be physically, mentally and emotionally seeing improvements in overall wellbeing and health.  I expect people to be committed to the process and committed to achieving the most positive results for them.


What type of person does it not work for?

I am very results oriented and an as such, am very serious about working with people who truly want to affect positive change in their lives.  Coaching/Therapy is a process that involves dedication and commitment mentally and financially so if someone is in a place where they are not willing to invest in themselves, then I am probably not the best person to work with.


What is your approach?

My approach is very person centred and tailored to individuals so we would have a conversation to discuss needs, goals and outcomes.  Whilst providing a therapeutic space, I work in quite a practical way giving each person tools and techniques to take away and continue to use for themselves.  I work with the individual in the way that best suits them to discover and unlock all of the resources they already have. 


Does it really work?

Yes, it absolutely does!  When we realise that our mind and bodies are connected and that we are what we believe, it opens a world of opportunities for people.  Also, understanding that through Neuroplasticity we can ‘re-wire’ and learn new patterns of behaviour means we can break through old habits and negative thoughts to propel us to where we really want to be.


What can I expect?

You can expect to:

·         Understand how our minds and bodies work together

·         Understand negative patterns of behaviour and thoughts

·         Create new behaviours and habits

·         Escape pain and fatigue

·         Learn specific tools and techniques to use daily

·         Live a happier and healthier life


What do I need to do to prepare?

All you need to do is to come with an open mind and willingness to move towards a happier, healthier you and lifestyle. 


How quickly can I expect results?

This is something that depends on the individual.  We get what we put in so if you are ready and willing to make positive changes, you can expect results very quickly.  After 6 weeks, you will have had significant breakthroughs and notice an improvement in your health and wellbeing.

If this sounds like something you would like help with or someone you know, click the link below to book in for a free consultation.