"I was suffering from headaches all the time and it felt like I constantly had a tight band around my head. The headaches would often escalate into migraines 3-5 times a week. I'd tried almost everything from medication to alternative therapies and had even given up my job to see if that would help, but the headaches persisted. Being in pain all the time made me feel exhausted and that then led to frustration that I couldn't do the things I wanted to do as physically and mentally, I didn't feel up to it. I didn't want to accept that this was my lot. I was basically stuck and couldn't see a way out from my situation. 
I felt incredibly supported and comfortable with Lisa and never felt judged or silly for feeling the way I felt. From the very first session, I felt like I was in the driving seat, as Lisa knew exactly what questions to ask me to help unlock the answers that little by little helped me get back control of my life again. It was invaluable putting the techniques she taught me into practice straight way and doing them on a consistent basis is key to long term success.
After the 3rd session, my migraines went away and that 'tight band around my head' has now gone. I have a lot more energy, I feel more confident, positive and grounded. My coping skills are much stronger and I'm now equipped to handle situations I would have previously run away from. That is really empowering!!
I feel in control of my life again and the world doesn't feel scary any more. Actually, it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. 
I was attracted to Lisa because of her background of having lived with debilitating pain. Many of the doctors I had seen over the years didn't have first-hand experience of chronic headaches so I never felt they totally understood what I was going through. It was clear to me that if no medication could stop the headaches, and all the other things I had tried like: dietary changes; exercise; stress reduction; staying hydrated etc… hadn't either, there had to be a mind/body connection that I wasn't understanding. To be in the hands of someone who has been in a similar situation to you, but is now free from pain, is worth their weight in gold. Put your complete trust in Lisa and enjoy the process. You will get so much more from it than you think. It was worth every penny and I just wish I had found her earlier."
Anna, Clevedon


"I had what I knew was a stress related pain just behind my right ear. The pain had moved from the shoulders and neck and had manifested itself much more acutely. For weeks I had been pressing the area with my thumb trying to release the tension but that was gratifying for just an instant before the pain returned with a vengeance. Working with Lisa I instantly felt in safe hands. She listened intently to my tale of many woes - I knew I was feeling stressed but how could stress be so painful? Lisa all gave me many insights before taking me through her thoughts as to how we could eradicate the pain I was feeling.  Then the magic happened! I was astonished that the results for me were instant. The pain disappeared and I was left with what I can only describe as a bruise instead. I can handle a bruise. Lisa didn't just leave it there, she gave me an insight into what had been happening for me. To this day that pain hasn't reoccurred. I would say to anyone with stress manifesting itself as pain to book an appointment with Lisa. We really don't have to suffer in silence."  Kerry Nickols, London

"I struggled very much with my diet and feeling very unwell and unable to eat many foods.   The process with Lisa was engaging and very welcoming.  She made me feel safe and relaxed so that I could discuss the situation I found myself in. From then on in, I knew I was in safe hands, the hands of someone who would give me the support and space to figure things out myself and to help me make change happen by myself. Helping me understand the link between mental well being, my own thought processes and physical aspects of my body was a real turning point for me personally and has enabled me in so many ways to control my own destiny in so many ways.  After working with Lisa,  I was free. Free of my own unconscious behaviours that I had learnt to protect myself at certain points and free to make decisions as to what I want and how I was best going to get it.   I would absolutely recommend working with Lisa.  Be brave enough to know how important it is to invest in your own happiness and wellbeing. Accept that there is a problem and know that there are solutions, it sometimes takes someone to help you explore all the angles to find it."  John F, Cambridgshire


"I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious all the time and carried that feeling in to everything I was doing. I felt blocked and weighed down. Not only this, but I lacked self esteem and confidence.  Lisa and I spoke briefly about the issues that brought me to see her and then she offered me some options about how to proceed and we decided together on the best approach. I felt confident to be honest and brave about my feelings. We worked through particular feelings  - fear being one - identifying early triggers and early successful approaches to dealing with it and bringing those successful processes forward to now. We also found physical anchors for positive emotions. I felt supported by the work but also given the skills to be self-supportive moving forward. I will always remember and treasure the unexpected surge of joy and confidence I had while in the safe space Lisa created for me to contemplate my future and be open to my potential.  After working with Lisa, the anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed dissipated and I began to feel more in control of my choices. It also helped me access self assurance, feel positive about my options, and my decisions.   I would absolutely recommend working with Lisa, you'll feel a million dollars. It was such a blessing for me and it has had a lasting impact." Jo, Bristol


"I was experiencing lots of tummy pain, which left the doctors baffled. After doing lots of tests, they just gave up on me. This didn’t surprise me (as doctors often do that), but it did leave me feeling deserted and unsure I’d ever get any relief. I actually thought I’d have to live the rest of my life in pain, and this devastated me. My chiropractor suggested it was muscular pain, but wasn’t sure how to treat it.  After speaking to Lisa, I felt assured that the sessions would help me at least learn how to manage the psychological and mental sides of the pain and deal with how it was affecting me – even if I couldn’t get rid of it.   After our sessions, I felt much better, as I was able to ‘see’ the pain in a better light. I was able to not let it take over my thoughts entirely. I was always thinking  ‘what is this pain?’ ‘Does it mean I’m ill?’ Now I don’t think like this at all. When I feel it, I change whatever I’m doing – if possible, or I change positions. It no longer has a hold on how I feel and how I react to it. I think of it in a totally different light – just like one would think about an annoying, painful toe.  I would recommend Lisa and say definitely do it. It’s totally worth it and you will definitely see a change. But make sure you’re honest with what you want to happen in your life. Make sure you know for certain what you want to change and why. If you have chronic pain, and you think you’ll never get rid of it, you should see Lisa. Thinking differently about your pain sounds like a stupid idea, but it worked for me."  Anne, Bristol


"Lisa is incredible. She has opened my mind, literally, just by asking the right questions and doing some simple exercises. The way she listens and tailors her teaching to YOU and her patience and confidence keeps me coming back for more sessions. You don't see Lisa to have 'therapy' you see Lisa to learn about yourself and access those parts of you that you can improve, and who wouldn't want to do that?" - Jolene, Bristol


"My sessions with Lisa were a massive turning point for me. For years I'd carried the weight of grief upon my shoulders and having tried counselling before with no success, I thought it would be something that would continue to haunt me. Lisa guided me through this process and I came out the other side feeling free and empowered. Her care in this vulnerable situation was first class and she made me feel safe and capable right from the offset. If you've never tried NLP, I highly recommend it. It's the type of therapy that puts you in the driving seat so you feel in control from beginning through to the result and far reaching after effects. Lisa is incredible at what she does and I wouldn't trust anyone else. She has a wonderful balance of professionalism and empathy which helps you feel 100% at ease." - Claire, Bristol


"I cannot recommend Lisa's expertise highly enough. Following a relatively short session, her calm, encouraging and professional guidance helped me conquer an irrational fear (almost a phobia!) spanning three decades. My session with Lisa was a fascinating and enjoyable experience, and I am simply amazed at the results. For the first time, I felt confident and uplifted, and when confronted with my fear head on - I took on board all her guidance, and beamed with pride as I realised what had been achieved.  Thank you Lisa, I am no longer scared!" - Caroline, Bristol


"After my divorce I stumbled a bit and felt I had lost some control over my life. I wasn’t asking the right questions of myself.  I didn't feel like I had all the skills within me to really go and grab life to its fullest and feel strong again.  Through wellbeing coaching from Lisa I learnt a great deal about my strengths and areas where I could turn to improve. Through Lisa’s coaching I have been able to clearly identify what I enjoy doing with my children and what is important to me in life. I am grateful for Lisa’s guidance. I have come such a long way in knowing myself and better understanding those things that motivate me, and the things that were preventing me from progressing. My confidence and motivation have also improved. Lisa is fantastic. I can wholeheartedly recommend her." -  Matt, Bristol.