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Freqently Asked Questions

Integrative therapy and coaching utilises aspects of traditional Psychotherapy together with Solution Focused Coaching. What that basically means is, we focus on where you want to be and how to get there whilst also addressing the root causes of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

In my experience, clients achieve far greater and long lasting results when they understand the reasons behind their behaviours and have space to address the deeper issues in their own time, rather than feeling like they are being asked to bare their soul and be completely vulnerable from the beginning.

With this approach, I am in the role of your biggest cheerleader and guide whilst also holding a safe space for you to explore those more challenging emotional experiences.

I work with men and women who feel stuck and are in a state of chronic stress or overwhelm that is affecting their health (mentally, physically and emotionally) and who want to feel like they are in control again and get their life back. 

I offer a unique insight as not only did I battle myself with chronic ill health for 12 years, I provide a specialised programme tailored to each individual using a variety of methodologies including Applied Neuroscience, Solution Focused Coaching, Psychotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and Hypnosis.

I work best with people who are truly invested in changing their behaviours and lives for the better. 

People who know that it takes courage and consistency to affect change but who are willing to put in the effort.

I will be your biggest supporter and be by your side throughout the journey, but I can’t do the work for you (I wish I could!). But, if you want to change your life and are willing, you can.

I feel passionate about working with those people who feel they are ‘stuck’ and want support to get them to where they want to be – physically, mentally and emotionally so they enjoy life.

I expect people to be committed to the process and committed to achieving the most positive results for them.

I am very results oriented and an as such, am very serious about working with people who truly want to affect positive change in their lives. 

Integrative Therapy and Coaching and personal development is a process that involves dedication and commitment mentally and financially, so if someone is in a place where they are not willing to invest in themselves, then I am probably not the best person to work with.

My approach is very person centred and tailored to individuals so we would have a conversation to discuss needs, goals and outcomes. 

Whilst providing a therapeutic space, I don’t believe that it is helpful for someone to be completely vulnerable and open from day one (unless they want to of course). I work with the individual in the way that best suits them to discover and unlock all of the resources they already have. 

I believe in giving each person tools and techniques to take away so they can build on the foundations first developing strength and resilience. This way, people often then feel more able to address the more challenging issues and root causes.

I also believe this is a collaborative process. As much as I might be an ‘expert’ in my field, I’m not an expert in your life. I encourage open and honest conversations where you are very welcome to say if something isn’t working or if you disagree with me.  I’m here to ensure you get the most value.


You can expect to:

·         Understand the brain-mind-body connection

·         Understand negative patterns of behaviour and thoughts

·         Create new helpful behaviours and habits

·         Escape pain and fatigue

·         Learn specific neuroscience informed tools and techniques to reduce stress and maximise resilience

·         Live a happier and healthier life

My own story and experience, my unique understanding and empathy for the client’s situation. 

I specialise in Chronic Stress and bring a unique skill set to my client work.

I teach, coach and provide therapeutic support meaning I inform, inspire and intervene. 

I offer ‘all in’ support and guidance which means you get in-depth follow up emails after our sessions with extra resources as well as extra support beween sessions if needed.

I go on the journey with my client as their biggest cheerleader and supporting them every step of the way so they leave with more energy, overcoming health issues, positive daily tools and skills to continue improving every aspect of their lives.

Yes, it absolutely does! 

When we realise how our brains, minds and bodies are connected, a world of opportunities opens up.

Also, understanding that through Neuroplasticity we can ‘re-wire’ and learn new patterns of behaviour means we can break through old habits and negative thoughts to propel us to where we really want to be.

All you need to do is to come with an open mind and willingness to move towards a happier, healthier you and lifestyle.

This is something that depends on the individual.  We get what we put in so if you are ready and willing to make positive changes, you can expect results pretty quickly.  Many people notice significant changes after just six weeks.


I recomend that everyone has a minimum of 6 weekly sessions to start. This is because we are getting to know and focusing on creating solid foundations.

Weekly sessions also means you are more likely to stay accountable. On average, it takes around 3 months to ‘wire’ in a new habit or behaviour so consistency is key!

Everyone is different of course and the length of time we work together will depend on what it is you are looking for support with. Once we start working together though, we will regularly check in with progress, make any tweaks and ensure we stay on the right track to get you to where you want to be.

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The consultation is basically an informal chat for you to ask any questions you may have, me to find out more about you and for us both to decide if I am the right person to work with moving forward.

The most important aspect of any talking therapy is the therapeutic relationship. There has to be trust and rapport for it be to be effective. My approach isn’t for evryone and that’s abolutely ok. In fact, I recommend that you speak to a few people to get a sense of what feels right for you. If I’m not the right person, that’s absoutely ok and I will happily recommend other people.

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