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My Story

From the age of 15 I started to suffer with ill health.  By the age of 22, I had been diagnosed with 5 chronic health conditions and this dictated my life.  I had always wanted to be on stage as my love for Performing Arts was my dream!  Age 17 whilst at a Performing Arts College, I was told I couldn’t continue any physical activity except swimming as my knees were in a bad way and would eventually require surgery to correct both.  I was crushed and believed my performing arts career was over before it had properly begun.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do instead so after college, I went travelling and spent a few years working in different industries trying to figure this out.  Age 19, I had my first operation to remove a benign ovarian tumour.  I was living in Guernsey at the time and was heavily involved with the local Drama Groups which kept my love of performing alive.

Having accepted a West End career was no longer an option, and learning that sitting in an office 9to5 was also not for me – my friend and I sat in her kitchen and looked at every possible degree option.  Having grown up in a family of Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Surgeons, I had always been fascinated by people’s behaviour and knew I wanted to help them.  I found a Counselling and Psychotherapy degree and decided this was what I wanted to do.  I loved being in that environment and learning but it also brought its own challenges.  I had to maintain a degree whilst battling chronic health conditions whilst going an intense journey of self-awareness and development.

After qualifying, I worked as a therapist for quite some time and really enjoyed it.  I had by this stage also discovered Salsa dancing!  After seeing a specialist, we agreed that it was ok for me to dance salsa as it was low impact on my knees which was the most amazing news having not danced for 5 years.  I eventually started to teach salsa and this became a main focus in my life together with the therapy work.  As time went on, I felt I wanted to try and re-pursue a career in Performance (acting) so I went back to Drama School.  My health was hugely impacted by all of this but I thought I knew best so pushed through.  I didn’t want to accept that I ‘couldn’t’ live the life I wanted.  As a woman in my 20’s with ‘so much going for her’, I was angry and in denial about my health.

I used to believe I could do it all by myself, and tried to, so I turned down help when I needed it.  I didn’t always trust my intuition.  Whilst I was at Drama School, I realised I needed help and finally listened to friends and family who offered support.  By this time, I had also given up teaching and dancing as I was no longer physically really able to.  My dear friend Jo recommended I see a practitioner specifically related to chronic health and my brother was kind enough to pay for the sessions/training as I was not in a financial position to do so at the time due to not being able to work much.

Throughout the process of this training and working with the coach, I realised I already had all the answers and resources I needed, I just didn’t know how to utilise them.  This was an absolute revelation to me!  Within days, both friends and family couldn’t get over the difference in me and how wonderful it was to have ‘me’ back.  I can’t explain how it felt to look in the mirror and finally see who I was again – I really missed her. With my new-found lease of life, I hot footed it to London to chase my Acting dreams!  I had a wonderful few years there but also knew deep down I wanted to be helping people again.  I took the decision to go and learn as much as I could to be able to provide the best service possible in a way that involved my own experience. I studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to Master Practitioner Level, NLP Coaching, Life Coaching, Youth Coaching, Hypnotherapy and the Neuroscience of Brain Health and Wellness. 

I learned a huge amount on this journey and continue to discover new things but most importantly and however cliché it sounds, I learned how to love myself and to look after myself not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

With the understanding that we ALL have the resources we need within us together with all this new information and desire to help others overcome their health issues to, I set up my practice as Health and Wellbeing Coach & Therapist knowing that anyone can help themselves and affect positive changes in their lives if they want to when they understand how to. I absolutely believe we are what we think (believe) and that with the right information, intervention and integration, we can all live the happy, healthy and harmonious lives we want to.