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Lisa Jones Resilience and Wellbeing Survey

How stressed are your staff?

In 2021/22 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 51% of all work-related ill health cases. (HSE)

According to Health and Wellbeing at Work, 2021,  51% of organisations take a strategic approach to employee wellbeing, while
36% are ‘much more reactive than proactive’.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand if your staff are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or near to burnout?

Less than half (42%) of people say that senior leaders encourage a focus on mental health through their actions and behaviour. (HSE)

The HeadStrong Resilience and Wellbeing Survey is designed to do just that.

Research evidences key foundations of wellbeing and brain health. These are fundamental to support overall health and to build our resilience reserves, thus enabling us to manage stress more effectively.  

Developed in-house, our innovative survey uses these key foundations of wellbeing and resilience to compile your corporate report. 

Staff responses will develop and pinpoint your training needs and together we can tailor and track your wellbeing and resilience strategy. This will allow you to; lower stress, reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity.

Not sure you want to invest yet?

Why not take the FREE survey designed to give you a subjective overview of your own resilience and wellbeing instead to give you an idea of what to expect.

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How It Works

Step 1

You choose to invest in the wellbeing of your staff and decide who in your organisation you want to complete the survey – this could be a specific department or team, managers or your entire workforce.

Step 2

Your team complete the survey anonymously. Each individual will receive their own basic report detailing their strengths and any areas that may need improvement.

Step 3

The overall scores for the organisation are collated and analysed. A detailed and in-depth report is created to show your organisation's strengths, areas for improvement and how this can be achieved.

Step 4

Presentation and analysis of profile presented by Lisa Jones detailing key insights and recommendations to leadership team. Consultancy is provided on suitable training and a wellbeing strategy.

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This masterclass is designed to be interactive and an opportunity to talk about challenges, put solutions in place and break some myths about stress all informed by neuroscience.

You will learn how stress, mental health and resilience are all connected and how to use simple yet effective tools, grounded in neuroscience to help you navigate the stresses of life and work.

FREE Resilience & Wellbeing Survey

Did you know there are key foundations of resilience?

This short survey is designed to give you a subjective overview of areas of strength as well as areas for improvement together with practical tools you can use day to day.