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Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Burnout in Schools

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Helping Teachers support themselves and their students better

Staff Resilience


The COVID crisis has had a devastating effect on us all, none more so than our teachers. The education sector was already under pressure and has higher than average rates of depression, anxiety and stress amongst staff.

Then, staff were placed on the front line heading into the classroom amidst grim daily statistics and a lack of testing facilities. Workloads rapidly increased and many were experiencing overwhelming pressures juggling home schooling and caring for vulnerable family members.

A year on, Teachers and Educators are still feeling the effects.

So much so that 59% of  staff have considered leaving the sector in the past academic year due to pressures on their mental health and wellbeing. Education Support (2022)

Too much stress for too long leads to chronic health problems – mentally, emotionally and physically.  This can lead to;

  • Toxic work environments.
  • Difficult relationships.
  • Higher rates of absenteeism.
  • Less productivity.
  • Increased costs.

Most will adopt a reactive approach to a colleague with a mental health issue, but what if there was another way?

Action versus reaction

Studies have shown that a proactive approach is not only cost effective but enables staff to provide early intervention for themselves and their colleagues. Saving time and money but improving communication among team members and helping teachers to feel valued.

From Teacher to Student 

When teachers are performing at their best this creates a ripple effect moving from teacher to student.  Lessons are engaging and impactful, relationships more productive and students excel.

We have been working with stressed out staff for years. We provide impactful and engaging training and support that helps teachers and schools reduce stress, avoid burnout and perform at their best.

We also work closely with associates who are highly trained and fully qualified experts in their field who share the same passion for changing the educational landscape.

How can we help?

At HeadStrong Training in Education, we understand the impact that stress has on colleagues and students, and we believe we can reduce that impact. 

Our whole-school approach to education and emotional wellbeing includes training, assessment, intervention and support to ensure that not only do your staff thrive, but your students also.

We know how important it is to model behaviour and to embed a common language and culture of wellbeing. We believe in empowering adults to enable their students to thrive and can support you to do this. Services include:

  • Whole school Wellbeing Membership Programme.
  • CPD Certified training Staff Resilience and Wellbeing.
  • CPD Certified training Student Resilience.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid for staff, sixth formers and parents.
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid
  • Half termly webinars, peer support and Q&A.
  • Remote Online Training.
  • Mental Health Masterminds.
  • Bitesize Online Mental Health Awareness Course.
  • Resilience and Wellbeing Survey.
  • Supervision for Pastoral Staff and Leadership Teams.
  • Student Coaching/Counselling.
  • Staff Coaching/Counselling and more…

who's behind headstrong training in education?

HeadStrong Training in Education  was co- founded by Lisa Jones, a Psychotherapist & Health Coach and Veronika Chidemo, a teacher & former Senior Leader in Pastoral Care, Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Lisa and Veronika are two people who are passionate about an integrative whole school approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education, which places equal importance on staff and student wellbeing.

We believe in the power of prevention by advocating for and supporting a culture of wellbeing in schools. We aim to promote mental health and wellbeing awareness, leadership and strategy in a safe environment that allows staff and students to build resilience and manage life’s challenges effectively so all can flourish.

Lisa Jones and Veronika Chidemo

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